"Louis was a boy of 12 in 1928 when he entered the Children's Center, an institution opened by the district for the mentally retarded.

He spent the next 63 years in the red brick buildings where some of the 3,200 residents over the decades lived tranquilized, sleeping on urine-soaked mattresses in locked wards. When they died, many were loaded in caskets on the back of garbage trucks and dumped into unmarked graves.

Louis is 75 now, a rumpled, white-haired man in a wheelchair. The Children's Center officially closes today. He will be one of the last to leave.

For Louis, a new group home represents his first chance since before the Depression to help choose his food from a grocery store and watch fireworks on the Fourth of July." - Oct 4, 1991.

Taken at a notorious asylum for the mentally retarded and those that had the most severe physical and medical problems.

This hospital/asylum opened back in 1925 and housed 1,500 people in its heyday. The facility was a state of the art and was the benchmark for others being built like it around the country.

The grounds were even equipped with its own hospital, morgue and cemetery on-site and was comprised of over 20 different buildings.

In 1976 the courts ordered the asylum to begin moving the majority of the residents out and in 1991, the Federal courts ordered the facility to be closed because of abuse, neglect, molestation and 'rumored' live human experiments.

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ware is this place
Wow. These pictures tell the story. Incredible photos
Is this a place in Maryland? crackersandjuice@gmail.com
Time stands still in these amazing photos. The emotion you have been able to capture is outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing!
Great eye! I almost felt like I was present while you were taking these shots. It's sad. I mean, did they just up and leave the place looking this way???That's horrible.
One could feel the souls that probably,still, lingers there.It's creepy.Surprised you came out with your sanity.
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